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This is my first post

Yes, this is my first Post. I have had some who asked, "Why Blog?", "What is your purpose for this?" and I have to admit I had to ask my self the same questions. There are so many places to find information out there now without adding this one more Blog Site. But, then I remember the hundreds, if not thousands who have asked me over my 26 years of Law Practice to "Get out there and let people know the truth about the law." And so, here I am.

I have been discouraged when I have seen posts out there, or legal work come into my office, that are relying upon Old, Obsolete and Invalid information, or ,where an Attorney relies upon a computer program that was created 12 or 15 or 20 years ago for his legal information. I had a client come in and show me what another Attorney had done for her, to help her protect her house and asset, and help her to qualify for entry into a Medi-Cal Long Term Care program. He had a good speel, however, my client lost over $60,000 because he used the wrong document to do the Job.

In another case, a client came in and informed me that the family had to go through probate on their mother's assets because the Attorney that had put the estate documents together for her mother, never even funded the trust correctly! I know, it is hard to believe, but it is true!

So, Why am I taking the time to Post on this blog? Well, it is to share some information that most attorneys don't want to share, to dispel some myths and clarify and simplify the law for the average person to understand. If you have a legal question, let me know and I will try to answer it in a way the average man (or woman) can understand it. I can't guarantee I will get to every question, but I will do my best. Until I hear from you, I will answer some of the questions that I continually hear from my own clients every day.

Come and take a journey with me to untangle the misconceptions of the law. Let me teach you some legal things that you can do yourself, without even needing an Attorney's help. Let me explain some of the "Mysteries" of the law, so you will be informed when you need to use certain legal actions. Lets get to a point where we know how to make the law our ally, not our enemy.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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